Neurontin and ultram interaction

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<b>Ultram</b> <b>and</b> prozac <b>interaction</b> -

Ultram and prozac interaction -

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Neurontin ultram interaction

With Tramadol being a SSRI, I still have not really felt "happier" or maybe I do I just haven't noticed it? Anyways, before I started taking Tramadol a few days ago, I've been taking Gabapentin for 3 years around the 1200mg dose (the less you take the less of the drug gets absorbed so people taking 4grams of gabapentin is a waste of the drug fyi). Not true, well atleast if you wait for the tram to kick in before taking the gaba like I did. The gabapentin made the tramadol euphoric but not in a opiate type way, just a happy talkative type way, really hard to explain, but there is def some opiate simularities mixed in with the euphoria.

Neurontin and ultram interaction:

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